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About us

We started in 1989 with the objective of offering global sustainable tourism. Every year, we receive the visitor award, and we may offer gift cards to customers as well as weekly prizes to existing customers. There are excursions to a number of other nations accessible. We’re familiar with all of your paperwork responsibilities.

our mission

The tourist is mesmerised by the country’s distinctive geography. Reefs with bands of colour, small jewel-like islets ringed in the whitest soft sand and surrounded by the cleanest shallow seas imaginable. Only 200 of the atolls’ islands are inhabited, with a few resorts on each atoll and other islands utilised for industry and agriculture.
The Maldives are not simply beautiful above water. The Maldives is home to roughly 5% of the world’s reefs, which are bursting with colour thanks to the soft and hard corals that make them up. A thousand different fish species can be found on the reefs. Large pelagic fish are attracted to the abundant nutrients that come in with the currents.